Signal Workplan 2006

[Monday, 29 May, 2006]

Life is still endless tiredness. It is never about doing things that I enjoy or at least is very well-versed in.

Signal Workplan seminar 2006 – I did not know why it involved me. No matter who had appointed me, it was an inevitable issue already.

They were kind of expecting both Yuqing and I to know everything about the multiple video switching from the control room to the main theatrette and the three mini theatrette – we did not touch them before.

They were all for the IKC2 event last year. During the event, other than Chen De, none of us had touched them as well and as for me I did not even see the operation. They just loved to play with so many switches that you had to configure everything to the correct setting before everything worked.

We stayed there to run errands for them. It was not our problems actually and they booked only the place from my unit. I did not mind helping since I was already there, if it was within my limit and not causing too much weariness on me. It was good that familiar faces like Kenny and Benny were around, but not enough still.

It did not end early as promised. They had a meeting over it in the evening, could have moved away from the theatrette so that Yuqing and I could lock it up and leave but they were either stay-in personnel or rich regulars who could drive home fast.

The freezing place, with the air-con could only be switched on or off, without temperature control, jeered at me together with my hunger. It reminded me too much of the constructing of all the equipments for IKC2 week last year, staying behind so late for days to engage gastric pains.

It was too scary a memory I stayed so often when everyone claimed they could not spare the time. It was clear that who were selfish but until now it was useless to fault anyone anymore. The worst thing was that my effort was not even paid.

When I got home at around 8.30pm, dinner was not even ready. It was a terrible day.

In the following three days, things would be as bad. I am dreading of everything. I am dead beat.

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