Suki Sushi

[Friday, 05 May, 2006]

The crazy Spectrum event got the AVA team in a fix again. None would want to stay there to experience the boredom once again and especially for me, when the bitch was around. Some assholes were thinking it was enjoyable to sit there and get ready for any unforeseen shit.

It was a Friday evening and they must be screwed up with their minds to hold a course or informal meeting when everyone wanted to go home to rest and enjoy the weekends. Yuqing and I took shifts and I promised to stay behind to help him pack up since I had the experience of doing it alone.

Out of a sudden, Yuqing asked if I wanted to go for dinner and since I owed him a meal, I was fine with the idea. I got Jonshit to join in and too bad Kwang Han was doing his office duty when Miss Lee needed to stay for very long; we abandoned him.

With a car, transportation was so convenient. First destination was at Yuqing’s house where he got changed. Then, we went to Apple Centre at Borders to collect Jonshit’s Ipod. Dining places were crowded everywhere and finally we got to Suki Sushi at Cineleisure since Jonshit was willing to pay for half of the meal I owed Yuqing.

I was not that crazy for Japanese food and did not really appreciate costly food, but it was good to enjoy them once in a fortnight. One of the waitresses was quite cute in one side of the view and when she wanted to get things from the cupboard underneath my seat, both of us got so awkward. It was such a bad design to keep stores there.

The fried fish looked disgusting to me. They told me it was a female one with eggs inside her body and I could just eat the whole of it up, including the head with eyes. I was floated soon. The whole meal cost around fifty-two bucks.

Suddenly, both Yuqing and I loved that place as we were leaving. I took the lead and saw a girl wearing low cut. I was shocked by that ambience, the best scenery that I had ever seen. She had this nice body that shaped so well that every guy would be mesmerized. I quickly turned to my back and asked Yuqing to turn left and he was stunned as well. I was not sure if Jonshit was taken aback too but the cute waitress walking behind us seemed to have noticed our sights.

That night, Yuqing had a bad reoccurrence at his mind when he met someone on the street. I made him lost at the expressway to drive me to Purmei and I felt guilty throughout the journey.

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