Talking with Mike

[Friday, 26 May, 2006]

It was at least the third time Mike had talked to me about plans in the future. The advices he gave were useful and motivating. Though the previous times, the energy driven was dispersed soon by the disgusting camp life.

He is brilliant and has great plans. So far, he is being very successful and is capable of getting more famous in future. Even though I share his ideas and acknowledge them, I am still far away from being capable enough to strive together with him due to my lack of ability and study. It takes too much effort to reach his standard and fame.

It is great that he will be opening his office near my place soon after ORD. He says it will be empty with just computers and he gladly invites me over to sit around anytime, hoping that it can motivate me further into working for my future. Perhaps, I can idle inside his office to do my own work in future; it is somehow similar to my dream to be able to work in a decent environment. My house is always terribly messed up, noisy and thus spoiling my inspiration.

Standing outside the Publication store, we chatted about the importance of sleep as well. Rajoo walked pass a few times and might be thinking that I was very free; but I did not give a damn. I hope after getting out of army, I am able to have a regular sleep and build up my concentration.

This kindness and benevolence of his is great and I am glad to know him through my previous ROC trip. I am blessed with this friend who is willingly to help me whole-heartedly and without thoughts of getting any reward.

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