Terrorising Choa Chu Kang

[Thursday, 02 May, 2006]

I just happened to realise Choa Chu Kang was a dangerous place today.

On the pathway from the polyclinic towards MRT, I was near the traffic light and was preparing to cross over, a bicycle dashed at the side which I was turning to. I thought that was an insane try.

Firstly, it was a pathway for human to walk or cyclist could choose to push their bicycles. Secondly, the speed was quite exaggerating, like as if that guy was rushing for regeneration. Thirdly, he could have squeezed out some of his tiniest brain to realise it was at traffic light and usually people would cross there instead of walking towards the park. Lastly, he did not sound out at all and his bike was too good to make any sound (a rich spoilt brat?).

Perhaps, this moron who tried to act cool was thinking that I was wearing my smart four (folded up uniform) with a civilian sling bag for a road march alone. We were around less than one inches’ distance into contact.

Soon, after crossing the road at the T-junction, which was about thirty metres away from Lot 1, two motorists stayed in the pathway, travelled as fast as the earlier cyclist. They did not horn nor make any noise as well, though I could hear the engine’s sound and quickly moved to a side. They dashed into the car park after that.

Was Choa Chu Kang a place filled with hooligans? At that point of time, I was just thinking that the place had no “government”.

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