That is why I love her

Every girl has different ways to attract guys. Some are blessed with striking looks, while others might just work their ways to be nice and thus become beautiful.

She amazes me with her looks, figure, voice, character and the way she treats me.

She is not as pretty as those movies’ female lead actresses, but certainly gorgeous and lovely. Her simplicity has infinite magnetism. She smiles sweeter than honey.

She is small and huggable. She possesses great figure which generates jealousy. She is an appeal to all guys.

She sounds too sweet and enchanting. Each time she speaks, my heart is captivated; each time she sings, the world seems to quiet down for her to beautify the ambience. She is the music of the planet.

She is a girl of great virtues. Being kind and helpful, she always thinks too much for others. She has this similar habit of doing self-reflecting that often she puts herself in agony. She overspends her time on helping others. She thinks deeper than others, and sometimes clearer than the elderly.

She treats me better than anyone else does. She cares too much for me and is willing to sacrifice herself at times. She learns to adapt to my life and accepts my flaws as merits and showers me with love. Her presence gives me the calmness that I ever need.

Just one of her qualities could have made me so madly in love with her.

If one day she ever loses her loses her looks, figure and voice, she will still be as beautiful as now; because that one day she is still the rare Vivi whose kind heart is as pure as gold and treats me as her dearest one.

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