The call for password

[Sunday, 30 April, 2006]

I was napping in the early afternoon when my phone rang with an unknown number.

It was from 007!

He was asking me for the passwords to CAI computers in my office and I told him only the CAI personnel had them. He did not trouble me anymore and said he would call Rongji himself.

I started to panic soon when I recalled Rongji did not off his computer because he was downloading something which was very slow and he had left it on over the long weekends.

I felt weird for 007’s enquiry and thought there was an emergency problem until Ivan told me he was the complex duty officer.

It was either for work or personal business. As far as everyone had known, he was a slacker and certainly not workaholics; it could not be for concern about the courseware. He could have used the computer in the CDO room or even opened up his favourite cosy E-plaza, probably not wanting to let the duty clerk see his affairs or the guard duty prowlers to gossip.

Anyway, I checked up with Ben and Kwang Han who were being called up too. They told the same thing to 007 that AVA personnel did not have the CAI passwords; we did not know which part of the language he did not understand that he still continued to ring each of us up.

I suggested to Ivan that we should speak to him in Tamil.

Nobody knew what happened in the end because Edgar did not pick up my call and Rongji did not reply my SMS.

Even though the office was kind of messy, the renovation work was part of the cause and thus, hopefully he would find more useful things to do than to complain to his subordinates, who were also our bosses.

Five more months to ORD!

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