The love that is worth waiting for

She is so lovely that she tries her best to fit into my life and always ensures that I am living well. She is so sweet that no matter how weary and disappointed I am, she turns me energetic.

I never believe everyone should wait for their destined partner because this is just a comforting lie told by friends. Monks and nuns are not attached and that some people die virgin.

It is just my pure luck that the shiny star has landed in front of me and I manage to grab her tight. Fate is not cruel after all for I do not have to wait any longer.

It is partly thanks to rejections that I am able to realise what I really want and that I have this chance to set the goal of my life.

It is just that at this point of time, more perseverance is needed. Time and eligibility fall in for a huge battle.

I love her and she loves me are all we need to cheer on – the reasons to commit to.

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