To the Zoo

[Sunday, 14 May, 2006]

It had been ages since I last stepped into the zoo.

I always thought it would be really nice for a group outing there but everyone was so busy that I could not get anyone along.

It was weird that her twin sister Pretty Yun was working at the Jurong Birds’ Park while she worked at Singapore Zoological Garden.

You would never believe I did spend nothing throughout the trip except for the transportation fee. Bravo Fatty Si! Anyway, I put on the trainee’s tag to get the free entry, whereas breakfast was exchanged with the coupon she was holding.

It could be more fun with more friends tagging along and I would not mind paying a bit of money for that happiness. Her main motive was the day was however, to explore the place fully so that she could guide tourists around in future; she was so self-motivated and her initiative was the key factor to future success.

We followed the schedule on the guide map to catch most of the performances. We took off each time that I was shagged early but she remained energetic. Another virtue about her, similar to her sister, was that she cared too much for others that she kept questioning if I was bored and gladly apologised.

We finished the touring from around 8.30am to 2pm, successfully been to almost every part of the zoo.

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