Vivian is a very sweet girl, sometimes too naïve for someone of her age. Her kindness can be easily taken granted of and perhaps, requires lots of guidance to safeguard herself.

She has many attributes that sit between good and bad. One such example is being ignorant, sometimes to the extreme; she is satisfied with her life but with her straightforward and friendly eyes so eager to believe appearances.

Being able to sacrifice for others is a rare aspect but without doubt, she has overused this blessed distinctive. She has been involving in too much nuisance from childish friends that her time is being diverted wrongly.

She is living in a world with many friends, drawing too many attentions from people, especially guys who are curious about her. She is a child of artless grace and simple goodness, and is always a source of fantasizing for people who seek colourful lives.

Her soft and gentle character plays a big part to her concern to others, often sweeps hearts down the river of admiration. She can be a lady-like as well as clumsy babe, too huggable for a fruitful desire, inviting jealousy of the same gender.

She speaks a thousand themes that certainly avoid boring silence and it is never a fear to run out of topics in her presence. She loves to complain so much that you can point to anything for her related frictionless stories. Sometimes, she grumbles but never exceeds the limit of grief she has suffered.

She is a sensible girl at times and also gives excellent helps in taking care of her siblings and household chores. She recognises and appreciates the efforts of her parents even at times of downs. Her sense of responsibility has aided so much in her own discipline.

She is never of a good health, still stands strong to her fate, living everyday to her best. She is an able woman of an extraordinary type, willing to take hardship.

Vivian, often being seen as a happy-go-lucky girl, undoubtedly has her own pride as well and never wants to be looked down on. She goes into deep self reflections and sometimes being a little paranoid.

Similar to most people, she is beyond judgements from others, but is positively having an angelic heart, existing for the beneficial of everyone.

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