Voluntary work at Red Cross home for disabled

[Thursday, 25 May, 2006]

At first I thought it was voluntary work to accompany little kids to play and I was very enthusiastic about it. Since my department had to produce one man to attend, I took up the chance.

On the day itself, it was the first time I could wear home clothes, including shorts and sandals to walk around in camp. Soon, I started to hear about more hard work.

Indeed, the trip to the Red Cross home for the disabled was tough. After wheeling one of the residents each just a round outside, I was having a bit of phobia in taking care of them. I hated the slopes. It was not easy to be attentive and careful.

We were then divided to clear a room and the different levels. The room was besides the training shed and there were many heavy and bulky loads to be transported. It had definitely worsened my back once again since I could not announce to the ISM that I was still on status and should not be carrying any heavy load.

The room was freaking filthy and that cockroaches were nesting around already. I accidentally stepped on the tools box while moving a huge table and luckily was not hit by any of the sharp objects inside. After moving the stuffs out to the training shed, we had to sweep the places.

Next was feeding time. Each of us attended to one of the residents and luckily this time I was assigned to an auntie who still could speak a little though not clear enough. My back further worsened by bending forward to feed her. She made me wheel her outside again and then a few rounds near the pond; though it was extra work, but I managed to discover about that area, which I believed none other had been there.

Though it was just a little strolling around, all of the residents seemed so happy. Lives must be boring there that they felt so glad once there were visitors. I could not imagine myself to be part of them in future when I get older and fall sick like them.

I was impressed by some of my group members who were very keen in helping out. Next was the new ISM who had shown so much leadership and especially in his encouragements.

Everyone was released on the spot and needed not go back to camp.

Jianhao, Gary, Alvin and I had our lunch at the West Mall food court. It was a rare get together and among them I only knew Jianhao long enough. The lemon chicken rice sucked and the fruits were disgusting as well.

We went to the arcade centre after that and had a game of Daytona 2 before the tiring table game. I was not sure of the name but the idea was to hit the disc in between the opponent’s “goal posts” to score. I teamed up with Alvin and I was on the left, left palm by the side but some part of it was accidentally near to the “battle ground” and one of the incoming furious discs slipped past violently and caused a blue black on my palm. It was a nice game and both teams won once.

After that, we departed.

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