When I am sick

A long weekend being devastated by illness caused the low productivity of work. I slept two days to realise I had not recovered from the flu and cough, of course of a certain improvement with the strong medicine. My voice was much better already.

I missed out quite a number of activities – my physiotherapy session, my jogging session and the swimming outing with Gilbert and Chua. I had been too inactive over the past few days, snuggling on my bed like a sick child – yes I was indeed sick.

I woke up with sanity, but never too clear with my thinking. I did not talk a lot, especially on phone that I still had to use greater force in order to speak up.

I was still so far away from destination of my dreams. The giddiness bestowed by the excess sleep lagged me behind. I wanted to edit some photos and also to update my website, but apart from my self laziness, things were stopping me.

There are still too many achievements to accomplish and friends I have to accompany; there are events and outings. There are times when I feel so lost when everything seems to be overloaded.

I wish upon a speedy recovery.

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