A sweet date

[Thursday, 15 June, 2006]

Though I managed to squeeze out time to go for an early movie date with her, her mum stalled the time once again.

I was not disappointed since I was used to it already and that I knew she was trying her best all the while. In fact, it was a consolation to get to see her the second time this week. I hoped I had succeeded in reducing her pressure by teasing her to let her know that I was cool about it.

Waiting for more than half an hour at the bus-stop, nevertheless there was a little disappointment that I could not spend more time with her as planned again. I was also worried about the availability of the movies. I wanted to catch “Silent Hill” at first but was quite certain that the tickets would be sold out by the time we reached since it was the first screening day.

She called me again fifteen minutes after she said she was heading for the bus-stop and apologised for going to her ex childcare centre to change her clothes. I saw her some time later as she alighted from the bus, in clothes she had never wore before.

The black spaghetti was brought by me for the inner wear for her performance and another white top was used to cover her shoulders. She was trying her best to please me, as well as to prevent her mum’s nagging. She was so sweet.

We managed to grab the tickets to “She’s the man” before taking dinner at Long John Silver’s, which was the nearest fast food restaurant. It was a nice movie. The male lead actor was cool; however the actress was only nice at the introduction part at the beach.

After the movie, we walked towards Plaza Singapura. As I knew she was dwelling on the necklace we saw the previous time, I dragged her to the shop to buy it. If only I was rich enough to get a more expensive one, it would be good. Right after that, she wanted to go home to pack her stuffs.

The date who went with me as well as the date we went for were sweet.

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