Another event at theatrette

[Thursday, 08 June, 2006]

One week after the Signal Work Plan Seminar, another event popped out in the theatrette – the 8SIG Manpower Talk.

It was supposed to be Chen De’s duty as he had taken off on the actual day, Tuesday, and thus he had to return the favour on today but he actually took MC. He should be the one doing it since he had to stay back.

Ben reminded me that the theatrette needed to be opened and thus I went up early in the morning but the 8SIG people did not come as early as they had booked the place. They came almost two hours later and I realised I was required to stay there the whole day.

Then, all the shit came as they did not as for the equipments in advance. The 9 volts battery was another problem for 2Wo Ng insisted me to get them for the wireless microphone and that Shep and Rajoo did not even give any for the previous major event. Luckily, Yuqing managed to get one from Ah Boon.

My plan to clear some of my credits at the E-mart failed again after two months. Since it was opened only during Tuesdays and Thursdays, the crowds and my workload together with my medical appointments stopped me.

It was during lunch time, I got my greatest disappointment when nobody came up to take over me. I called Gilbert and he told Yuqing to contact me and then got me a burger after lunch time. Though it was kind of a communication problem, I was never feeling ease. I would never want to get involved in theatrette event anymore.

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