Back at BMCC

[Sunday, 18 June, 2006]

I finally stepped into BMCC (Bukit Merah Community Centre) once again. The usual mosquito bites, the lousy toilets, the dirty store room and things were the same except that my team-mates were not around.

It was Mingfa’s training for his teams inclusive of Clementi Town Secondary and Clementi ITE. The net was set to ‘C’ boys’ height and thus was so low that I felt uncomfortable at first. Since I had not touch volleyball for so long, I displayed a number of disgusting spikes in front of all the trainees.

It was a relax afternoon for me. There was little jumping and running about for me such that it did not pose any problem to my injuries. The weather was fine as well, like the previous day, I thought it would rain actually.

Towards the evening, we left for Redhill hawker centre for dinner. It was a terrible sign that two drinks stalls were just facing each other and that they had to fight over for business so tightly; I felt the pressure and would never want to get any canned drinks. The only western food stall in the hawker had failed me with the taste of their half spring chicken rice.

We waited for Meijun’s family to reach the place before we left for homes.

On the journey home, I was wondering about the future and whether I should be spending my Sundays like that when I had dreams yet to fulfil. I was lost, stuck in between enjoyment, friendship and my future career. After all, Mingfa was there to coach his teams as his career and I had nothing to do there to help me to progress.

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