Calf problem drags on

[Monday, 12 June, 2006]

It drags on again. The General Surgery specialist wants me to go for Ultrasound scanning and then the bowl would be passed over back to the Orthopaedic specialists. The worst thing is the date of appointment, which seeds at 17th July when I am near to clear leave.

I am not sure if this would drag on until after my ORD. It would be dreadful if I were to take up the operation and cannot walk such that I cannot get a job. It is so pathetic of me if it ever happens.

I really wish they can speed up on things. Maybe, going to SGH is a wrong choice after all for the crowds and long queue, and also a handful of unconcern doctors.

Anyway, this specialist officially discharged from his clinic since I told him my gastric problem was no longer a problem anymore, which was not perfectly true. It was just meaningless to go back there to waste money on cocksters who could barely do anything to solve my problems.

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