Commander’s talk

[Tuesday, 27 June, 2006]

It was a good initiated talk though probably at a wrong time. Soon after the HLS it was conducted and that everyone did not have sufficient time to cool down.

The new head was a quiet-looking guy but he impressed me with the good start off. He used the World Cup as a tool to dilute into his men.

I was not sure if he was nice because he was new or because he was born like that, his mouth spoke words of comforting and encouraging.

Nevertheless he would not know that often if you remained silence and got over the ill-treatment or unfairness, it would be better than you sound out and get in clashes with people obviously more scheming than you.

After he took his leave, ISM continued to mobilize us. He was funnier than usual and that he placed my team into greater delights; the past few weeks’ of suffering was very recognised by him. Though we did not receive any reward, it was relieving enough that he understood how enthusiastic we had worked.

Was that enough? We still got backstabbed by lots of other departments. Office politic was a terror.

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