Culprit for my future mishap and worsening of injuries

[Friday, 16 June, 2006]

The visit to the medical centre was nothing but a waste of time as well as a seek-scolding session.

I showed him the specialist’s letter and he started screwing me off, saying the content was similar as the previous one. He did not bother about the specialist’s instruction to give me excuse status and threw me out immediately.

I can only pray hard that he would suffer the same injuries as me in future to experience the same difficulties and pains I am enduring; if not, let his future children have the taste. I am not evil but benevolent to do it for the sake of the future patients so that their hamster-look-alike doctor can treat them with more efforts and care.

Seriously, if you are blessed with the rank and pay to sit inside the air-conditioned place everyday, what would you know about people who are suffering outside running errands or under the hot sun?

He is the main reason why I lose trust in western doctors and he is the reason for any mishap I might experience in the rest of my army life.

If anything happens to me in future and if I have lost my ability to testify, I hope someone would point out that the medical officer in my camp has refused to excuse me from activities despite being instructed by the specialists. He, who does not fit to be a doctor, should be held responsible for any unforeseen worsening of my injuries.

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