Day of furniture shifting

[Monday, 05 June, 2006]

Four months to ORD, my luck refused to pay me visits again. Health Lifestyle (HLS) was changed from every Wednesday to every Tuesday and Friday, and that timing was shifted fifteen minutes earlier. The worst thing was the shuttle bus timings being shifted half an hour earlier. Waking up was a problem for everyone.

Morning was to check for the availability of the projectors. It was in a mess. The chart was not updated properly and that transaction was not noted in proper places. The expired stuffs were not asked back as well and that nobody cared. I was in fact very sick of doing all the jobs already because since day one when I was posted to the place I was collecting and worrying for all the “shit” while others were enjoying. I knew I need to slack down a lot because things would eventually be done and solved; just the time and urgency that mattered.

It had been long since I had massive copying of texts in written form. Quek instructed me specifically to do the job. I was not sure the reason but gladly accepted it.

As usual, I tried to finish up the job as soon as possible. I finished up half of it before lunch, causing the minor tremble on my hand. At the same time I felt stupid, for others would probably take at least a week to finish it, using it as excuse to stay out of work. It took too much to practise crafty.

After lunch, I joined the rest to rearrange the office. It was already half done up with the heavy cupboards placed in positions. I was actually quite excited because I loved new environment with shifting of furniture and that was why I hurried them to start cracking in the morning before I was tasked to do the copying job.

Thing were going smooth and suddenly Vivi called me to lighten up my day. I started using the office phone as she was outside and that it was loath period and thus people would seldom call in; it would be a good cause for others cannot connect us to give extra work and that we just had to claim that the phone was not placed properly.

However, half an hour later, Ben told me to stop using it and soon, things started to get hectic. The opening of the FFR room for contractors required opening of the lab at the next door as well but the lab technicians were doing their usual snoozing in their “secret hideout” and I had to approach them myself and do the entire job.

Soon, Ivan called me because the office phone was in use. It was because the conference room’s projector was giving problems again. I quickly took one set of projector along to the room at the other building but things were already under control. I did not like it that they tried to sound as if I was slow on my pace when I had got there in speedy minutes; it was obvious they did not try hard to fix the problem themselves before calling for helps.

Back to office, I continued with my copying work. I finished it to realise my hand was very weak and started to slack around, watching Ben do the packing enthusiastically. Office was done up nicely. It was a very good work by Ben and that we had a very spacious and greatly located resting corner at the back. It was in a strategically good location.

I wanted to rush home as soon as possible but Yuqing asked me to accompany him for dinner at the coffee shop opposite. Since he was alone, I nodded. We had quite good chat.

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