Don’t want to sleep

[Friday, 09 June, 2006]

It was not that the night was sinking but the previous days of inadequate sleep causing weariness.

I was stoning in the middle of the room, unable to concentrate on the television show. There were times when my eyes were watery and that my head fell flat on the table top. The phone that I was holding to could not leave my hands and ears. I was more than happy to hear the angelic voice, regardless of how shagged I was.

She was exhausted as well. She just wanted to press on despites the encouragement of me wanting her to go to rest. She really wanted to chat with me.

It was not as though chatting on the phone and internet were sufficient; they were not even ten percent of the enjoyment when we got face to face and chatted side by side. At least, these were the best we could do when we could not get to see each other.

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