Finally ORD mood

[Monday, 26 June, 2006]

With the completion of the past two COC (Change of command) parades, mind was set to an ease. There would not be a major parade in my remaining days. Near three months to ORD, I finally had a little feel of the mood. As compared to all the more senior batches, I was much more responsible; at least I did not slack down since eight months ago.

It sucked when new manpower was not allocated and that it was not the end to setting up of PA system. Even the fire drill required the system and we had big problem over it when they specified to use two wireless microphones.

We managed to connect a few smaller microphone cables to stretch to the bottom of the stairs. Though there would be lost of signals for sure, it was still much better than using the wireless ones. We could provide up to one cabled microphone in this way.

There was a great idea to move the whole media rack to the flag pole nearer to the parade square but Quek did not want it. He insisted on providing two wireless microphones. He dug up cables from the PA room which I had not seen before and refused to give up no matter what. All of us stood there watching, could hardly do anything to help him. I was too sleepy to figure out what he was doing, feeling so helpless.

He moved the whole wireless microphone’s receiver to the flag posts in between the parade square and the PA room, and then, the big power cable drum was used to send electricity over. The “new” extended cable was stretched back to the mixer inside the media rack just outside PA room. Since the receiver was nearer to the parade square, there was less loss of signals.

The firemen played with fire and that the kerosene caused headaches in Gilbert, me and another guy.

I was supposed to collect the stuffs back from my sister in 2SIG together with Yuqing but she was out of camp. I waited while I approached Jianhao to collect back the room 3-12’s key, where I met Mike and followed him throughout.

There was still some stress in my mind; I wished to complete everything but it seemed not within my reach sometimes. After a long wait, I personally got the stuffs from my sister and then passed the CD to ISM.

Staying back for night lesson was not a big issue anymore when jobs were equally distributed and that I did not have many chances to do it anymore. It was good with Ah Boon and Rongji’s company after all since they had to stay for lessons as well.

Until I was able to leave the place, I realised a few guys had claimed overtime when they were not even around at all. There was a big disappointment and badly reflected on the trustworthiness. Although there was not much of my problem soon, but it might get out of hands when others got to know about it and all the validity of the hard work might be soiled as well.

There was just only a little of ORD mood, more yet to come.

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