Friday’s karaoke

[Friday, 23 June, 2006]

Siu Hang’s invitation to the karaoke occupied my Friday night.

First was the meet up with Gilbert at Somerset MRT. I took bus 124 from Bukit Purmei which he boarded the train from Ang Mo Kio. So coincidentally, I arrived just a minute before him.

We took dinner at Cineleisure’s Long John Silver’s as I denied the options of MosBurger and Yoshinoya which he loved a lot. I ordered Cajun chicken rice for the first time. The meat was soft and appetizing but the reason for dining there should be for the cheap food, whereas that meal was in fact quite expensive.

We went to the Party World to join them, having given the false information of the level and room number. The five of us had a crappy night but however my throat was giving me problems again and that I could not really hear my voice at times and often being distracted by second voice that did not rhythm.

We did not make full use of the four hours there so as to catch the train. We left at around 2330h and dashed towards Somerset MRT. Tze Siang and Siu Hang crossed the wrong road (further away), while Yongfu, Gilbert and I smartly not wait for the traffic light at that direction.

However, Yongfu took the same train as Gilbert which was in the wrong direction. He managed to catch the last train still. Tze Siang was not so lucky that he transited at Cityhall and ended up at Kallang. Then he had to take cab home towards the west, costing him more than twenty bucks.

This night, I wasted a chance to get to see Vivi and send her home after her rehearsal at Chinatown again. Disappointment and guilt battled over the relief of accompanying my friends. Love and friendship were difficult to be balanced.

Anyway, that was quite enough for the money spent and I should be saving up more for my ORD fund.

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