He limped to camp

[Tuesday, 13 June, 2006]

Everyone would probably take a good rest at home when he is sick or injured; whereas Quek upon the second day of his MC, went back to camp just to ensure people were attending Health Lifestyle (HLS) run. He was limping

To everyone, he was insane; but beneath him, he held his responsibility too high that even such minor thing was worthy of his sacrifice. Once again, he showed everyone how devoted he could be in his work, even for this disgusting organization.

His spirit was the most respectable attribute that everyone should work towards to; but sadly, not for current people of my surrounding. Most of the people were lowly paid odd job laborers and therefore seek no roof for greater commitment.

I would not mind being more initiative if everyone else would buck up; but this stain of low life was permanently embarked on the history and would be practiced by the future generations.

I was guilty again because I went to him to sign off pass for me. Though I was officially entitled the offs for the hard work and medical conditions, it was not nice to approach him just for signing of papers every week.

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