I cannot see World Cup matches

[Saturday, 10 June, 2006]

Just as everyone was rushing home to catch the world cup match between England and Paraguay, I thought I could have a different night by joining them.

I was not a soccer fanatic, but I did watch matches when my elder brother switched on the television. For this world cup, I was hoping to see just the England matches because I was always watching the English Premier League and undoubtedly developed affection for the country’s soccer team.

Anyway, I was announcing the match to my brother when I got home, even though I knew he definitely knew the schedule when I only got to know it hours earlier from my friends, but to my disappointment, he told me we could not watch it.

I was puzzled as he had reapplied for the SCV cablevision just for the sake of watching the World Cup matches. Now, the person told him he had to pay extra money for it since he had applied only for the basic package.

I visited Soccernet.com for the live commentary and when the match ended, I realised I was lucky that I did not waste my time to watch the real play because there was no score other than an own goal at the early third minute.

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