I think I can be a doctor too

[Friday, 02 June, 2006]

It was another disappointing day at the polyclinic.

Sally Ho was not around when I thought she could be kind enough to solve my problems. I was assigned to another doctor then, Dr. Foo something, which I found the name very familiar.

I was the first patient and this slacker started “operating” later than other rooms’ doctors.

I told him of my problems, from the flu, cough, sore throat, eyes and nose irritating and the lump on my left calf, but there was too little things he could do than to indirectly hurrying me out of the room; probably he did not want to lengthen the queue.

I would greatly appreciate a doctor who would probe me more about the problems but he just did not seem interested. He asked me to go back a month later for the lump on my left calf, which I had told him it was there for very long already and recently giving me more pains. He simply examined it for a few seconds.

There was a little difficulty in breathing and I told him I was not sure if it was the nose irritation or cough causing it and he told me I had to go A&E (Accident and Emergency) department to check up in case of dengue fever. He had already taken my temperature before that and he gave me an impressive he was trying to play a fool on me.

Knowing that the medicine he was going to give me would cause extreme drowsiness on me, he did not even offer an MC until I asked for it, and which he almost tore it when he wanted me to go to the hospital.

Realising about his attitude, I did not tell him another swelling problem at the top of my left thigh. In future, I would request not to be attended by him then.

When I went to collect my medicine, I realised there were only cough syrup, flu pill, lozenges and another type of medicine to start running nose; there was no eyes drop or the nostril spray.

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