Irritating brother

[Sunday, 25 June, 2006]

When I was busy with my stuffs last night, my younger brother exclaimed that he had found some small notebooks from a cupboard like as if he had strike lottery. It was not the first time he had gone to the same cupboard to take stationary, sounding like the things there were dropped from the heaven and owned by no one.

Besides having the hobby of collecting dollar notes with nice serial numbers (somehow my old collection was with him or my mum), I idolize notepads with good design and would love to grab the shelves of them from all the bookshops.

So, I had to get out of my chair and search for some not so well designed ones for him.

I woke up early for volleyball this morning and dozed off at around five. I was waken up by my mum to go down to have dinner with my younger brother before he went to book in. it was very reluctant of me to get up of my mattress when I was total drained off my energy and that was still deprived of sleep. I had many things to do at home and that my elder brother and his girlfriend were staying in the room.

Since he wanted to go to the optical shop, he went down first while I took a slip of water and put on my shirt and geared up my phone, wallet and keys into my pouch. As I was stepping out of my house, I realised my slippers were gone again. Obviously my brother had taken them once again for the 382430th time.

It was very irritating for the disrespectful act again. I was not trying to be stingy or selfish but obviously I just wanted to use them since I had bought them and not any other pairs which were most probably more expensive.

Since I was trying hard to sacrifice myself already by wanting to go down and yet faced such crap, I told my mum to go down herself.

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