Just giddy

[Sunday, 04 June, 2006]

For the second night I felt giddy.

I tried to pace up on my work, clearing and packing up my disk space, checking the scattered URLs inside my draft text file and put the useful ones into my website. I managed to edit and upload photos into my previous entries. But things got jammed up when emotion filled my mind in the afternoon.

She was free for the whole day but was grounded. It was partly my fault that I did not make good use of the chances to chat with her parents to make them know me better; perhaps, that might aid in giving them more secure about their daughter going into a relationship.

I have not composed a poem for long. Inspiration always befriends only when I feel low and lost.

My work area is in disastrous state again. I need more time and a little rest to brush things up.

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