My lateness and the hypocritical world

[Tuesday, 20 June, 2006]

Things would always go head wire somehow and I was only informed of the duty the day before. The worst thing was that the officer in charge was a paranoid. I was expecting it to be early but never as early as 0645h in the morning.

I was worried at first but the first train got me there in time. Since I had asked Pang to give me a lift from the MRT the night before, I decided to just wait for a while as it would be stupid to walk instead.

Anyway, I realized I had a different approach to ask for a free ride. I made sure it would be convenient for the driver first by asking if he would take the same route and be early as the required time; I would never insist or even ask at all if it was troublesome for him. However, to some people, I just seemed wishy-washy. They never would understand my intention.

I waited there fore more than fifteen minutes and he even asked me to get a large packet of Lays potato chips. As the time tickled off, I started to feel pressurized and truly regretted to ask for the ride. We were later than the first shuttle bus and that I could even reach earlier if I were to stroll from the MRT.

I was so embarrassed when facing the coordinator; although his timing was unreasonable, I was late after all. It strongly reflected to others that I was not responsible enough. The grief hurt me so much. It was not that I had overslept or moved slow; I had made my greatest effort and it was not within my reach to teleport Pang’s car over.

It started drizzling. I did not mind my effort to wake up early to go into waste as long as there were fewer things to do. The sky pardoned us and the run was cancelled.

The officer in charge started giving us briefing and he thanked us for making the effort to go down to help out. Also, he indirectly said about my lateness, which quite irritated me. He insisted on taking actions against the person who did not turn up and as well as the person who did not inform him of getting Mani as the replacement.

Logically, he as the highest rank, the only signed on guy, an experienced warrant officer who was in charge of the run and as well as the only person insisted in taking revenge should be doing the evil job. However, he made Edgar to report to Shep instead.

We went back to report to him and he claimed that he did not know Quek was in charge of getting us to help him and that was why he told us to report to Shep in the first place. That was so fake.

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