Never say die

[Tuesday, 27 June, 2006]

The first time ever since so many months, I got to run in the HLS (healthy lifestyle) in the good weather.

The phobia lay within me for I had not jogged for months and that it was ultimately long since I last jogged around five kilometres. With the cough and sore throat, and the lack of sleep, I really doubted my ability to finish the tracks.

I really wanted to train myself up again though I was not sure if I should be jogging, at least not on hard ground. I was also ready to point to the medical officer if anything went wrong since he did not give me any excuse status after I presented him with the specialist’s letter.

I took off with my right thigh aching; I had not recovered from the exhaustion of the volleyball friendly matches two days ago. My knee caps were loose as usual and it greatly caused the fear within me.

However, as I moved on, the pains were no longer significant. My legs just seemed to be numbed from the aching and that I was too determined to complete the run. I emerged the first runner soon after I got out of the camp.

It was a good chance to take the lead since many people had gone for the AHM (Army Half Marathon) run instead. So, I persisted on though I had begun to feel my knees weak.

There was a minor problem that I did not really know the ways at the park. It actually slowed me down a bit when I had to figure out the actual paths.

On the returning way, the encouragement from the ISM was great but when Shep jogged past me, she found it weird that I could run even though I had been on excuse status and yet I was the first at that moment.

I was not sure who were behind me, but cared only about myself. I was expecting to be overtaken soon but I was quite lucky in fact. Near the finishing area, I almost could not make it anymore but somehow I was very determined not to stop.

It was my first time to take the lead but was too weak to showcase myself at the 2SIG parade square after I reached.

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