Operation for my calf

[Tuesday, 06 June, 2006]

I could not get to sleep the night before when I started thinking of my problems. I decided to go to the MO because I was going to ORD soon and my problems needed to be solved as soon as possible.

So, at first he asked me why I did not attend HLS (Healthy Lifestyle) and I told him because I wanted to see him. I did not want to wait until I finished walking (I was banned from running because of my injuries and that it was quite insult to be in the walking party) and then had to get a long queue for it.

I started telling him about my eyes problems, the fact that they got itchy very often and that at night my eyes would be reddish. He, being the most unprofessional doctor in the world, tried to play me out by threatening me to go back every night to let his medic witness my eyes. Whereas for my nose irritation, he did not give a damn over it.

I showed him the small blackish lump at the upper part of my left thigh and he claimed it was mole immediately; all the more experienced doctors in the past could not figure it out and did not dare to make any hustle judgement.

He was still smiling idiotically with his medics when he asked if I had anymore problem. I showed him the big lump on my left calf muscle and he was kind of shocked. However, I was not sure if he was serious this time that he asked if I wanted to go for surgery. Then, he said he would book an appointment with the specialist for me.

Lastly, I told him my back was aching badly and needed some muscle rub.

I waited outside for very long until I collected my medicine. There were a bottle of cough syrup, a tube of muscle rub and a bottle of eyes drop; there was no nostril spray to stabilize my nose’s problem.

The medic called for me some time later and then I realised the specialist I had to see was the General Surgery one, which I already had an appointment with but weirdly, it was for my gastric pain.

After that, I asked if I had any status slip and was told that I did not ask for anything. I felt that was ridiculous since it was obviously the lump and other injuries were causing me problems and the doctor should be giving me something even though I was already excused for many things. It was also a usual practise since Tekong time that a “normal duty” status slip should be given for any visit to the medical centres.

Anyway, I was not sure about the operation. The MO obviously was young and ignorant that he proclaimed it immediately without even asking for x-ray to be done. However, if it was really necessary, it had to be done before ORD.

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