Rush hours

[Thursday, 15 June, 2006]

I did not mind setting up the PA system at MPH as long as the equipments were all gathered and sufficient manpower were provided. However, this time I was in a rush for medical appointment and that the rest were not ready until late morning.

I was able to get help from Gilbert and Anthony, and luckily Elvin joined in to spill the heavy loads. They were very enthusiastic. However, there were many problems which only came on the spot and that I had to rush back to the office. The mike was spoilt, there was no wireless mike set, we forgot to bring the big power drum over and then I realised the need of masking tapes as well; problems after problems.

Even though Yuqing had driven me to near the MRT station, I was not early enough to join in the queue for the shuttle bus to NUH. There was a big crowd of Malays not queuing up properly. I stood behind the queue which looked more like the original one. A bitch who looked like Pilipino approached my side and slowly cut my queue. Another Chinese family of a mum and three young daughters crowded behind me and knocked my bag so frequently that I felt like turning back to slap them. One of the daughters was wearing a dress with a bi hole at the middle of her back that anyone could see the panties if a distant was not maintained. The shuttle bus came and the obscene family overtook me by both sides successfully. However, the bus was fully packed with the Malay family of around thirty people like a picnic outing. Thus, even the earlier Pilipino bitch failed to get up. It was all fated.

I met Yuwei at the MMI physiotherapy centre. I was late for ten minutes and was only entertained at two by Dom. I did the gym so fast, ignoring the fact that I might get leg cramps later on without sufficient rest. However, since Kenneth was not around, things always dragged on. Back to the shuttle bus bus-stop, I missed the bus again due to excess passengers again.

After alighting, slow people in pairs were blocking the way. As I struggled towards reaching the first escalator, the electrical board showed the next train was reaching in less than one minute. I was not sure if the people were literate or not as they did not seem to understand the rule to keep to the left; perhaps, they should know it and yet chose to keep to their own convenience, so inconsiderate. As I reached the top, being quite lucky that there were three escalators and I dashed up the middle one which was not in operation and managed to catch the train.

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