Saturday restrictions

[Saturday, 03 June, 2006]

I woke up around noon and was glad I could get more sleep this time. However, I did not make my day as efficient as planned.

Photo editing was slow and there was restrictions like unable to transfer photos between the XD card and my computer, because the card reader was inside the room where my elder brother and his girlfriend were in. As usual, I did not want to get into their way by entering.

Then, my younger brother came back from Tekong and refused to go to bath. He told me he was hungry but he could at least spare a thought for me when he was sitting in between me and the fan, which the air blew the stinks from his uniform towards me; he could at least take it off first.

Apart from these, I was too fussy about my own work; perfection seeking was somehow a negative attribute for me because of the limitation of my own capability.

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