Shilin’s birthday barbecue

[Wednesday, 14 June, 2006]

I thought it would be a big ex NP class gathering at Shilin’s birthday barbecue but things did not turn out as expected.

It was a long lonely journey towards Pasir Ris and luckily for Jason picked me up near the MRT. It was then I realised most of them were not going anymore when disappointment filled the air. We approached Costa Sands resorts.

Shilin’s boyfriend was great. He started the pit late and yet the food was served fast. For a couple of times I was suspecting if the food was already cooked and was just heated up by barbecuing; quite insane.

We started off by eating and that was our main entertainment until Shilin asked about my camera. I hated taking photos at night because I was not skilful at all. The flash would create whiteness on faces and the images were not realistic enough then; there was also too little light that pictures got blurred easily and that I could not snapshot from far.

Cheewei and Zijian’s arrival brought the spirit up with their craps. Eventually Zijian was painted red with the Choya alcoholic drinks. The most exciting part of the day was playing with Shilin’s present, the water gun. Zijian recklessly aimed at her friends who were strangers to us and luckily for I was holding the camera, it kept me dried except on my jeans during the war. If only we had more guns.

Zijian indeed knew Shilin the best among my ex class, that he knew what present she would really appreciate. Cheers for the day and hopefully she was happy enough.

However, she shot an arrow on me to organise an outing for the class; David Francis had already done it and that added on to my pressure.

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