Sleeping beauty

[Tuesday, 27 June, 2006]

On my way home in a big group from Choa Chu Kang MRT towards Jurong East, my friends alerted me on an amazing sight.

There was one girl who was wearing a uniform like the AJC one, sleeping inside the same cabin as ours. There was nothing wrong to sleep of course but she was sitting on the seat, arching forward, having her body flat on her thighs.

None of us could have done that. Firstly, the back would be terribly tired and most probably would ache after some time. Secondly, the thighs area would be numbed. Lastly, we could not have stretched so much.

We were joking about her throughout the three stations. We thought she could be practising gymnastic or Yoga and that was why she could do that. I guessed it was the World Cup fever that she was so tired. We also guessed she could have missed her station already.

She slept so soundly that she did not wake up even when we reached Jurong East. Then, being kind-hearted, we got Louis to wake her up. He gave her a poke or tap on her shoulder as we were going to alight and she finally woke up in a shock but not knowing who had waken her up. She seemed to be searching for something at first and then stood up. She did not alight.

Then, we continued to joke that she could be furious that Louis had disturbed her sleep.

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