Swim with Gilbert and Peh

[Saturday, 17 June, 2006]

I always thought the weather forecast was very accurate but I was wrong.

Saturday supposed to be the day for the cycling outing at Pulau Ubin and I cancelled it since the weather forecast said it would rain before and after noon. Gilbert and I decided to go for a swim in the later part of the afternoon and Peh decided to join us.

We arranged to meet at three at Ang Mo Kio MRT but the sky from the view of my windows was greyish. I messaged Gilbert who replied me after some time to confirm the plan was still on. I could reach there on time but I was too distracted when Vivi was away and that I tried to finish my diary fast. Laugh for all you want but it was the first time I forgot to transit to another train at Raffles’ Place. I was late for around twenty minutes after I took the opposite train back from Kallang.

Just as we were walking out from the MRT station, a familiar face was staring at me as we passed by each other. Soon after, Ren Yao called me and asked if I was at Ang Mo Kio. I realised I had just seen her sister at the entrance a moment ago. It was cool that she still remembered me.

It was quite a long walk to the swimming pool and we passed by some flats where dead pigeons were found on the ground. Peh called the police to inform them of this suspicious founding since the cause could be some diseases; however, they gave him another number to report about it instead. He dialled the new number and finally that person called another organisation to clear the dead pigeons away. We were quite amazed of the trouble we had to take in order to do good deeds by informing about it.

We got down the Olympics pool and it was freezing. I was jumping insides the water and a little boy near me asked, “Are you very cold?” I acknowledged it and he started splashing water onto me. Then, he started to do it to Peh and Gilbert too. We started swimming to the other end but he climbed up to the ground and ran over instead. We swam around twenty laps, resting a while after each lap, and were disturbed by the little boy once again.

I realised my condition was bad enough that during the second lap, the lowest part of my thighs, joining the knee caps were very fragile. My thighs were going to get cramps anytime even though I did not have any exercise the day before. I knew it was due to the same problem of my loose knee caps, which no useless doctor could diagnose and cure it. I actually finished the rest of the laps with breast stroke, using very little kicking force. I was having this feeling that I might be lame anytime.

Though the sky was a bit greyish, it did not rain at all. We went to Gilbert’s house for a while and then took MRT to Bishan Junction 8. Anyway, I was surprised to see Gilbert’s monitor being so big and placed vertically instead. His keyboard and mouse were cool and that I loved his floor tiles a lot.

It was the first time I took Combo 2 set meal at Long John Silver’s. Comparing the size of the two chickens and one fish, I was amazed. Despite the fact that the fish was much bigger in size, I still preferred chicken.

After exerting myself, I was so hungry that I had to find more food to fill my stomach. I had a meat stick at the basement and finally a chocolate waffle ice-cream at the MacDonald’s to satisfy the thirst for food.

We moved on to Gilbert’s favourite hobby – shopping. However, the shopping king did not manage to get any stuff by the end of the day and was quite disappointed.

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