The future permanent physiotherapist of MMI

[Friday, 23 June, 2006]

It was a different experience at the MMI Physiotherapy centre. As Miss Archana had resigned, I was seeing different physiotherapists and I got to see this one who was going to take over fully officially but currently still running two clinics at the same time.

I was informed of how military regimental she was. It was weird of her since she was not army personnel but a medical staff. I preferred medical staffs to be friendly and warm-hearted.

Then, I received a second call to push the appointment time forward from 1410h to 1330h. I managed to get there ten minutes earlier despites all the delays during the journey, but ended up having to wait for more than an hour.

Dom reminded me to greet her just before I went in for my consultation and that was quite redundant since it was my usual behaviour to be polite and respectful being mannered since young.

She asked me to remove my shirt and probed for the exact spot that was having the pain. It was not one but a few parts and I was quite stunned since the pains were living in me for as long as I was too used to them to take enough notice on how and where they were agitated.

She got me to lie down facing downwards to check my spine and commented that my towel was too small. It was the first time I had to use towel during review (not gym) and that she obviously did not know how heavy and bulky the *** towel and my bag were which would further worsen my injuries.

In the end, she expected my condition to improve after the next four gym sessions, which the condition had lasted over so many years and I had been there for nearly a year already without improvement.

Before she sent me off, I questioned her about my knees. She did not know that I had put my injuries together as a case so that I needed not go for more medical appointments, despites that each of my gym sessions was dragged so long. I was quite regretful for there was an essential to pay attention to my knees problems as well.

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