The second first

[Friday, 30 June, 2006]

The HLS was conducted at a different place from usual; the SI parade square. Since most of the more able body personnel were taking a longer route for the AHM training, it was another good chance to perform myself.

I was supposed to be in front of the running party but another unit beat us in starting off. We followed behind in steps until others did not follow instructions and overtook us, I decided to bring some glory to my unit again. I began to solo and then started to overtake the people one by one.

As I reached the main road, the small path was congressed with people who were running for the AHM. I faced difficulties in overtaking them, using extra strength to move to the grass areas where there were a few construction work; however, I tried my best to keep my speed constant. Just as I reached the junction where the HLS and AHM runners spilt their ways, there were only a few persons in front of me.

I never wanted to give up, keeping my pace at a reasonable speed, emerging the first runner soon at the end of the CCK Park when some of them stopped to drink water. I was strengthless just before I could turn into the camp but my mind was strong still. Just then, my left toes began to tremble as I was going to get a cramp anytime because I had not recovered completely from cramp the night before.

My effort paid off. However, the fear of worsening my injuries never left me.

Everyone could have thought that I was fit because they did not understand the pains I was undergoing and that they did not realise it was my determination that I had outshone the rest. It was a battle against the weaker parties anyway; nothing much to celebrate about but I was still proud of myself.

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