The surprise visit

[Saturday, 10 June, 2006]

Her sudden appearance caused a blank on my head; it was so shocking. I did not expect to see her at all.

I was moody because I knew we could only meet up for once a week. There were too many barriers causing the restriction to see her and in the midst of depression, I unwillingly accepted the fact.

So as my mind was set to the worst scenario, the surprise was too great a present for me that my joys overwhelmed the whole tired body though it was the second time she did it.

Her sweetness had conquered me. No girl would do as much as her to make me happy; she took the effort to meet me for a while before her rehearsal and ran all the way from the Outram bus-stop to my house.

I was guilty as I could not send her to Pasir Ris due to the appointment with my friends.

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