Through the breakdown

[Wednesday, 07 June, 2006]

There were these tears wiping the eyes in the darkness. It was the same warmth like before but never too calm.

The boy clearly remembered how reluctant the girl was the day before to continue the vow to fulfil their dream. There was stuffiness within his chest and he almost died suffocating.

She gently impacted a long lasting kiss on his cheek, not knowing he was still upset, and unexpectedly turned him sober; he knew things were back to normal and that she had overcome her stress that he was finally relief.

He hugged her tightly, implying that he never ever wanted her to leave her; she exerted as well to show the same demand. They both loved the intimacy.

She was the girl who he would always stay faithful to and he was the guy who she would always seek advice from. They loved each other too deeply.

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