Touch the heart

[Monday, 19 June, 2006]

I used to be stronger for I did not know my limit and thus always excelled. But it finally brought me misery at the age of twenty-one when legs injuries caught me when I pushed myself too far in the army.

I started having phobia and often paused to reconsider things before acting, and eventually lost many chances.

But there was this stubborn spirit in my body that always numbed my brain in times of when my beloved ones were in need.

So, this night, I lost my mind again and wanted to try for the impossibility when I was even having difficulties in moving myself; I knew myself well that it was out of my capability. I was not even given a chance though.

How romantic it was for a guy to piggyback his girl when she was feeling sick?

You can always do your best to please someone often but the impact is never more than another person who has the one chance to do something great.

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