Wet my socks, freeze my feet

[Saturday, 10 June, 2006]

I hate rainy days because they foil my outings. I hate going out when it rains because I will most probably get wet. I hate my shoes getting soaked because it reminds me of the bad times which might be the cause to the numbness on my feet.

It started to pour just before I stepped out of my house. My shoes and socks were wet when I arrived at the Party World Karaoke at Orchard. The feeling was not good. I went in to join the rest in the freezing room with the air-conditioner hitting directly from my top. Taking off my shoes and socks, my toe on my right foot had a cramp for seconds in the middle of the singing.

Singing was fine. Everyone was able to blend together by singing each song together. However, I did not really like it since I could not hear my own voice and thus had to raise my voice; since I was such a lousy singer, it would cause me go out of tune and breathless. There was lots of crap anyway.

After that, we (Gilbert only) had a little shopping at Marina Square and then dinner was at the food court, followed by a quick stroll at Esplanade.

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