A second lunch

[Friday, 28 July, 2006]

I took a quick lunch, causing a stomach discomfort before rushing to the MMI physiotherapy centre. It was a relaxing afternoon since no physiotherapist was around. I took extra effort to ensure I had done my gym properly.

When I was about to leave, Kenneth asked me to wait for him and Dom as they were going down as well. We went to the NUS’s bookshop and then followed by the canteen. Since both of them were taking their lunch there and that I was not in a rush, I decided to join them.

It was a sin to take a second lunch even though the latter one was quite late. The chicken chop selling at just $2.20 was not bad apart from the salad did not really taste good. Suddenly it reminded me of the NP canteen 1 chicken chop.

As it started to rain, I rushed off without waiting for Dom to get the fruit juice. It was when I got up to the NUH shuttle bus, I gave up my seat to an auntie and she started to praise me in front of her friend.

“This boy is a very good boy.” – In dialect.

I got blushed immediately. It was such a simple courtesy and yet I was praised; everyone should have given up seat to the elderly.

Sad to say, more than half of the population are not doing this and that is why kind people are more recognised. I really wish more people can wake up their sense.

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