A second, third, fourth and indefinite chance

[Saturday, 01 July, 2006]

I am all messed up. I do not know if I have been having illusions or my mind is too creative that I have been hearing you change your minds so often.

Are you covered up by her faults that you are blinded by her kind soul?

All criminals have a kind heart and therefore am I wrong that I am seeing them by their surface only?

Should that scheming priest who kept the money from donation to himself be pardoned? How about that sucker from NKF previously?

What if they say sorry now and then start to do a bit of community work, are you going to say they are really changed people?

A leopard can never change its spots.

Or at least, do you think a villain can change himself suddenly when he wakes up from his sleep?

We should give people a second chance, depending on what crimes they have done; it all judge on case to case basic and how sincere he can be.

But, how about someone you obviously know she can do all the wonders of influencing other people’s thoughts to turn against you whenever she feels like it or even when she starts to get jealous of you?

I have been told of all the good and bad things she has done and in my mind I clearly know how well she is as a person and sadly, everything does not reflect well of her.

So the story of her began with how pretty she looked, how big her boobs could be and how sweet she treated you but then she could be so evil at times. Then the complimenting continued until she gave negative comments about us, you promised to stray away from the devil.

You did not stop trying to put in good words for her before the examination results were out and she turned your kindness into insults due to jealousy; she gave you all the troubles and tried all means to make every friend and teacher turn against you. She successfully turned you into a paranoid and you almost broke down and even thought of distancing from me.

Suddenly she apologised to you and you believed she did everything just for the sake of you somehow, so ridiculously. However, the return of the fairy did not make you stay close to her again for whatever reasons. There was still some backstabbing and non-invitation to you for class outing.

In the end, she came back as an angel just because she had some money to spare and sweet words to bless around.

The fool always had some imaginary problems to solve; to comfort and to express all his concerns. All along he was behind the fight against the dark force which did not exist at all.

He is insane and should be sent to the mental institute as soon as possible.

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