A wasted volleyball trip

[Sunday, 09 July, 2006]

I made a waste trip down to Unity Secondary today.

I overslept but was still earlier than Kachua, Mingfa, Wilson and Weitat, and was surprised to see Tze Khit and Robin there. I did not want to go down at first but considering the fact that my team would be shortage of one player if I suddenly drop out, I dragged on my tired legs to go.

Jianhui set up two courts at the hall for the first time I had seen and his girls’ team was having their own training over one court. The presence of too many people started to wreck my dream of having a good day.

For the start I realised moving my legs was a difficult task; I could not position myself as well while receiving balls. During free spike, it was slippery at first until I got used to it I realised I could not jump as smooth as usual because I was basically strengthless already. I had to catch different timing when I could not jump high and that I was already so short, I could walk off quietly in shame after each spike which always caught the net.

When the friendly matches started, Jianhui had already selected his main team for the upcoming open cup. Mingfa, Tze Khit and Robin were of course among them. First match was against the “B” team and then followed by the rest of the players but it was never my turn. Since my performance was not good and that I was feeling so weak, I did not have the right and energy to protest.

Mingfa wanted me to play libero for his team at the third game but it was obvious that I had not been playing serious volleyball for so long that my skill had rotten from bad to worse and especially when my legs were so fragile, I rejected the offer. Besides, I was not used to play with “outsiders”.

As poor Wilson was taking his leave to go back to work as commanded by his inhuman parents, I left with him with the consideration of spending my time better when I had so many things to do.

It was the first time I did not play any match before leaving the place and I regretted badly to go down.

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