Collection of new spectacle

[Thursday, 07 July, 2006]

Finally I got back my spectacle. I was not brand conscious and thus I was just picking nice looking frames with opinions given by the salesgirl who picked the exact one which I was eyeing in the beginning.

The brand was Giacoma Puccini. I liked the parts near the joints a lot and the design there seemed brilliant. Overall, it seemed mature.

After the price was quoted at $150 plus at a discount rate of forty percent, I was shocked. My mum waved to the boss as usual like the previous ten consecutive years and he asked us to quote the price instead. My mum said $120 and he agreed immediately.

I noticed a bad finishing at the bottom of the lens but decided not to brood over it since the boss had given a great special discount just for me for he knew my family was not well-to-do.

After collecting it, I went to the Popular Bookstore to look for a holder to put name card size photos but my effort went in vain. I saw a bookmark with the design of monkey but there were only three left, which were not very well maintained. The stickers could be easily peeled off. After loitering around for a long time, considering if I should give her this small surprise, I decided to drop the idea since it would be spoilt in no time and would cause heart-aching instead.

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