Cycle to send her home

[Wednesday, 26 July, 2006]

It was not the first time I cycled to her neighbourhood. In my maximum constant speed, I could reach there in around ten minutes, but it was never as simple as before I suffered from my injuries.

There were numerous reasons for me to go in regardless of my tiredness. Apparently I needed to exercise to build up the muscle around my injured knees, but it was more for granting her wish to hug me hours ago when her neighbour rushed into the lift to interrupt us; it was just a sudden short meeting at Redhill to send her home. I had more concern in mind as it was the lunar seventh month when souls were said to be released and that I might not have chance to send her home from tuition since her mum asked her tutor to go to her house in future.

This night, I filled my stomach fully with the packet rice and pizzas. I specially took a towel along to wipe off my sweat before they could stink my shirt. I reached there fast as usual and waited near the provision shop where she would definitely pass by.

In the midst of my anxiety for a surprise, a few uncles were gathering around the letterbox. It took me a while to guess they were from the community and wanted to open up the notice box at the top. They seemed unable to reach the top and I hesitated for a while (fearing that I might make a fool out of myself) before approaching them.

The uncle nearest to me was straightforward and acknowledged my help immediately, watching me get up to sit on the letterbox without any effort. The lock almost embarrassed me; it was built so near the wall that it was so difficult to twist the key. Alas, I did it and impressed all of them and I greatly enjoyed their appreciation when I respectfully assured them of my sincerity. One of them, a Malay guy, thumbed up for me as they were leaving the place and I believed it was a morale booster to show my capability and how others appreciate me after being degraded in the army.

The notice board was a stupid design since the residents would not look at the notices when they were put up so high on the wall. Besides, there was even an article which was for year 2004, such that I presumed they had not updated the board for long.

I began to get worried when Vivi did not call me after ten. The wind was strong and the sky was turning reddish, I did not even know if I would be making a wasted trip down. I wanted so much to at least SMS her but it could arouse her suspicious. Luckily, she called me immediately when her tuition ended and thus released my worries.

I acted as if I was waken up by her from my sleep and when she told me to call her back using my house phone as usual, I told her to give me some time. I ambushed at the opposite exit at the lobby but she did not seem surprised to see me.

It was not a very good idea to cycle there since I had to take care of it and that I could not hold her hands during the stroll to her house, but a least it saved me from lots of walk and some transportation fee. Moreover, it allowed me to stay out later if I wanted to and of course, act as physiotherapy session.

We had a little wait downstairs for there were people using the lifts. The night was fair indeed, for my effort was kindly paid off.

Love – why must it be so difficult?

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