Duties after duties

[Tuesday, 11 July, 2006]

A sudden feeling of annoyance came within my mind. I was about to release myself from all the stress since my duties would be over soon but things got piled up again.

The upcoming parade (again?) fell on the same day as my last main office and flag lowering duty. I was then told of the marshalling duty which was on the same day as my physiotherapy appointment.

I did not know how to sort them out.

I could have swapped the marshalling duty to this week but my physiotherapy appointment for this week was on the same day. They were out to destroy my calendar.

Thinking back, in the past days where there were fewer duties to do, life could be much better. They added in more and more things for us to do and yet they took away all the privileges. They took our sufferings as their best form of entertainments.

I cannot believe it that our presence in camp always seem to create problems for them. Being scolded and insulted, no matter how our efforts have proved things right, it is always our faults. Then why do they still want us to go back every day, refusing to let us rest at home when we deserve the rewards?

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