Duty on a Friday

[Friday, 07 July, 2006]

The morning HLS run was a disaster; at the very starting part I was already feeling strengthless. Previously when I was having nose and throat irritation I was still able to make a smooth run. This time, catching my breath with my nose was an impossible effort. There was also this weird sparkling burnt on top of my feet. I could only reach at around the top five placing.

There was insufficient time to recuperate before I had to go and open up the theatrette. It was however a waste of effort for nobody went. However, it was a good chance for further rest as well as quiet moment for updating of my diary.

Being distanced from the Counterstrike game, I took the opportunity of an empty seat to begin training of my eyes power but I received a call before I could even finish a round of game. It was from Jason, a rare call, and he asked about issuing of equipments. I found it really weird for he could have called the office or anyone else when he thought I was still at the theatrette (if I were there I could not even help him with anything). Alas, my seat was taken after I returned with the T-loan book.

Soon before leaving the office for lunch, there was an urgent call from the LO room, saying that the projector was down. Since the projector did not belong to us and I was not sure if that room was ruled under my branch, furthermore with Rajoo’s instruction to not help out with the sound system there a few weeks ago, we went to approach Shep for advice. I did not express all my concerns to her and she thought I was being soft and not defensive again.

After lunch, I was told to go up to the theatrette again and since it was my duty day, I accepted it. Siu Hang accompanied me as we thought it was normal lesson as scheduled in the timetable and we were shocked when Captain Phua came in to ask for television set. He wanted to set up the place for watching World Cup final on early Monday morning. We received sufficient help from Yuqing and Kwang Han soon. With the antenna brought in, we managed to get everything fixed up. Later on, 007 came as well to check after knowing that commander would be watching it too.

There were unwelcome visitors to push their lucks and partially abusing their ranks to get rooms when the timetable was already crowded. Then, we had to put some RAM forms into each of the rooms. It was gaming time after everything was done. I had a mass massacre, probably due to the release of urge to showcase my skill. It was less than two games before everyone quitted and left for home.

The desire to rush off was great as I was meeting Vivi. I thought every lesson would end very early since it was a Friday but some instructors were hardworking. When Boon came down with the final keys, Yuqing and Kwang Han returned from their AHM trial run. We were waiting to catch Yuqing’s car when Tze Siang came in, totally unprepared to leave. Boon and I went down to wait for Yuqing and after some time Kwang Han and Tze Siang decided not to keep us waiting. Rehan was in time to take the free ride at Yuqing’s car.

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