Fell back

[Saturday, 15 July, 2006]

Over the past few days, I had been updating and revamping my website constantly; finally I was back to like in the past except that there were more distractions. Due to sleeping late, I could not wake up in time for my haircut appointment, but luckily there was still slot available.

This day when I was all out to increase efficiency by giving up the movie outing organised by my campmates, I received a call from Bianhong. As usual, he did not inform me earlier about his beach outing but since he had asked me out so many times despite I could not make it, I decided to meet up with him.

After I left my house, I felt a sudden weariness instigating that it was a wrong decision. Just fifteen minutes before the meeting time, he messaged me and I questioned if he would be late. His reply was “Nope”. So, I kept up with my usual fast pace instead of slowing down so that I would not be late.

My timing was great except for the congestion at the control station and followed by the card reading error, which delayed me for a few minutes. Upon arrival at the bus interchange, I thought he had reached already since he had confidently told me he would not be late; however, there was no sight of him.

I called him, assuming he was eating somewhere at the food centre, and he told me he was on his bike and would require another fifteen minutes to reach the place. It was a great turn off for he could have honestly informed me twenty minutes ago and he was not even taking the public transport.

Twenty-five minutes later, I quitted waiting there alone like a fool and left home. Ten minutes after that when he was late for forty minutes, he finally called me but I switched off my phone to avoid pestering. I could not believe it that he told me he could reach in about fifteen minutes when he actually required nearly an hour’s time.

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