HLS cancelled for good

[Friday, 14 July, 2006]

As fatigue caught me in the early morning, I dozed off in my heavy-duty eyes.

Not a usual practice anymore, my mum woke me up and I came to conscious that it was a Friday and I was running late. It was weird actually for my mum did not know I had to leave house earlier for both Tuesday and Friday and yet she woke me up so early.

This morning when I did not even brush my teeth, it was not worth it after all as the rain poured gracefully down over each amazed face. We had just finished our warm-up for HLS in the drizzling when morons kept claiming it was just a passing cloud. I quite admired the rain as it got heavier only over a stretch of time, giving us sufficient warning that we had to call the day off. We were soaking in the down-pouring shower for a few minutes, ready to set off in the slippery ground, until the organisers gave up.

Luckily for me it was cancelled for I did not bring extra underwear and that I had physiotherapy appointment in the afternoon; it saved me from getting rashes and overexerting myself.

Gym during the physiotherapy session was something different; the exercises for my legs were removed and that I had only less than twenty items to do. So, I was able to concentrate more on each exercise, taking up more time for them.

I hesitated to go home straight away but the state of weariness swept me home. Soon after bathing, she called when I was intending to do some packing to house my five pairs of shoes. So, I was given time to rest and stare at the screen again while chatting with her. With some disappointments that she wanted to chat online with her many friends, I waited on before leaving my house.

Back to the same old bus-stop where we usually met up, the distance somehow seemed longer in my tiredness. It was the mystery why I did not want to go home straight after I was done with my physiotherapy; I could have alighted there straight from train instead of going home and then pacing there again for around ten minutes. At least it was comforting to ensure her safety when I was around.

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