Injustice for rules not abided

[Saturday, 08 July, 2006]

There is uneasiness on my left middle finger. Whenever I apply force to it, whether to bend or carry things, a non-sharp pain occurs. Probably the vein is injured after carrying things two days ago.

It was a day of despising. We had to carry the VSAT equipments, the size of big crates, up to the fourth storey. Without the helps of the PES E personnel, completion would not happen so smoothly.

They were the lab technicians, even though in the force of AVA, but were more probed to handle their own equipment labs; it was quite useless to train them to handle the AVA stuffs now since they were less than half a year to ROD already. Besides, the various different types of things to be handled in AVA were too much of chores and would definitely tear them down.

PES E personnel were supposed to be excused from physical activities. It was very sad to engage their helps because since everyone thought they were in our strength and thus we were one big “sai kang” force and everything was pushed to us. It was unfair of course; however, those selfish people who were only interested in promotion or covering of their asses did not care about others.

I felt so much like taking down the process, to show everyone how those excused personnel had to sweat and risk worsening their injuries or sickness. As for me, I was going to out to work soon and was so reluctant to exert myself once again to worsen my back and legs conditions.

I hate the place because laws are always sounded so pleasing to the ears to cover up for needy people but they are never being executed or upheld.

And so, due to the heaviness and bulkiness, I have injured my finger again.

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